Herbs & Nutritional Counseling

Herbs & Nutritional Counseling

Herbs are food that can:

  • Activate
  • Build
  • Cleanse and put the body back in balance

There is an herb for every ailment, whether it’s a headache, constipation, poor circulation or depression.  The herbs feed the organ or system deficiency, restoring its strength to re-build itself so that it may function at its optimal capacity.

A few examples are:

  • DANDELION is one of the first weeds to come up in the spring.  Historically, it’s been used as an antacid, a blood purifier, and a diuretic and has been used to support the liver. It’s an excellent source of iron, sodium & potassium and more. 
  • CHAMOMILE has sedative qualities that help to reduce stress, calm nerves, cramps and sore tummy.  It’s an all around soother.
  • I-X is an herbal combination that has red beet, yellow dock, red raspberry leaves, burdock, nettle and mullein.  Historically, these herbs are high in Iron which builds the blood. 

Herbs come in many forms; capsule, liquid, tea and powder and can be used safely from infancy through the golden years.


All nutritional programs are geared to gently encouraging the body’s own life source, so that the body may heal itself. Healthy food supplements and diets establish sound constitutions, supplying our bodies the nutrients and energy our organs and systems need to maintain all our bodily functions. Without the proper source of energy, the body’s defenses begin to break down. It is much like gas in a car; without the proper fuel, the car fails to operate. A proper and balanced diet will improve our digestion, promote active circulation and regulate food elimination while strengthening our immune system and building the blood. 

Diet is not everything; however everything else is nothing without it!” Dr. Bernard Jensen




Until six months ago, our family life revolved around our son’s asthmatic status. Jonathon has been termed a severe asthmatic since his first hospitalization at 18 months old. The struggle has been constant for six years now.  We came to see you in the summer, it’s been just over six months now as I write this and the improvement that the elimination diet and herbal regime have made is remarkable. My child who until we saw you Betsy,  was taking Ventolin inhalation therapy four times daily along with inhaled corticosteroid and numerous other prescribed medications no longer requires them. It is with much thankfulness of heart that we express our gratitude to not only to you Betsy who has led us along this journey to better health, but also to God who led us to her!  Sincerely, 

When I went to Betsy, I was experiencing severe pain in my neck; I thought I might be having a stroke (as both my parents died of strokes).  I bought Silver Guard liquid from Betsy for a related condition. Betsy told me to take a cotton ball and soak it with Silver Guard and to keep rubbing all over my painful neck.  Believe it or not, the same day I applied the Silver Guard, the pain began to subside.  Not only did the pain go away, it has not returned.  I am so grateful.  Thank you God for the Silver Guard and thank you Betsy.
Audrey W.

Dear Betsy,
I am so grateful to have crossed paths with you. I had suffered from asthma my entire life. Within 2 weeks of taking the Nature’s Sunshine herbs you recommended my symptoms greatly diminished and today after 4 1/2 months I rarely experience any asthmatic symptoms. I also suffered from boils and acne all over my body. After 3 months of taking your recommended customized plan the boils and acne have disappeared because the source of the internal toxins were, and are continually releasing.

You have also taught me a great deal through your Wisdom Development. I have learned the blessings of what it means to live life in balance. Through the process of learning simple universal truths, I now carry with me the tools to enable myself to always come back to balance no matter what challenges life has to offer me.

Betsy you are truly gifted at cleaning the physical body from the inside out and cleansing the mind, letting go of old behaviours that no longer serve and replacing them with positive, loving and peaceful ways to be of better service to this world.  Eternal peace and love,
Ross M. 


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