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Benefits of Keeping Your Bowel Clean

“The colon is a reflex organ.  Toxicity in it can affect the various organs as they correlate in the illustration.  Organ tissues are as healthy as the blood that feeds them.  The blood is only as clean as the bowel from which nutrients are supplied.”
      (Iridology Simplified)

While studying with Dr. Bernard Jensen, he stressed the importance of a healthy colon and would say Life and Death both begin in the colon. After working with thousands of clients I can see that Dr. Jensen was right, the colon is always related to a person’s health and 4 bowel movements a day is normal.



In two and a half weeks, I’d gone to emergency 6 times with horrific pain in my abdominal area.  Hours of waiting in emergency again and again to be told, “We don’t know what’s wrong.”  I was so discouraged and afraid that I would never get better.  And then I came to Betsy’s office.  I had an Iridology exam.  After analyzing my eye, she detected the problem, gave me herbs and reassured me that within 24-48 hours I’d feel a positive difference.  The very next day my abdominal pain was gone (after only one batch of the herbs).  It has been 9 days as I write this and the pain has not come back.  I am so grateful to God, Betsy and my friend George who brought me.  Thank you Betsy.  Sincerely,
Nick D.

Dear Betsy,
Iridology certainly works: I can attest to that!  After examining my eyes, you stated that my health problems were due to a backed up colon, and it was true. After putting me on an intense herbal program with Nature’s Sunshine Products, I was having an unbelievable amount of good, formed bowel movements; 6-8 a day!  This is shocking to me as I eat in moderation and have never been overweight.  Also, I’ve always had at least one bowel movement a day, never eaten junk food and always drunk plenty of liquids. This cleansing process has taken over a year.  Books describe these colon problems, but you have to experience them to really understand what it’s all about. I’m grateful to God, to you, to my very understanding husband NSP for their excellent products and the wonderful health I’m experiencing.
Mariela F.

Dear Betsy,
For the past two years I’ve been suffering with severe diarrhea.  It was so bad that I had to wear diapers and I lost 30 pounds.  I had 15 medical tests but they could not determine the cause of my ailment.  The doctors had given me numerous different drugs to stop the diarrhea but they produced no results. I came to visit you Betsy, you gave me your herbal program and five days later the diarrhea had completely stopped!  Now I have 4-6 normal bowel movements daily; as well as feeling full of energy.  Thank God for leading me to you and thank you Betsy for making me well.  With love, respect and admiration,
Angela D.

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