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Have you been looking for a way to be a blessing to yourself and others?
Come and study with Licensed Holistic Practitioner Betsy Vourantoni; a dynamic healer, educator and speaker for over 36 years.

The eye is the map of the body and acts as a miniature television screen recording the condition of the various organs and tissues throughout the body. An iris analysis involves analyzing the iris, the sclera and the pupil to determine genetic strengths and weaknesses.

Our iridology courses will educate you with:

• How to prevent and / or reverse existing health issues
• The ABC’s of nutritional supplements
• Participation in practical exercises by analyzing each other’s eyes
• How Iridology can help you determine what is happening deep within the whole body from an external view
• How to track the healing progress through healing lines and color changes

Dates & Times: To Be Determined

Betsy Vourantoni is a dynamic healer, teacher and speaker who breathes life and enthusiasm into her clients and audience. She has taught at the Learning Annex, The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, to a packed audience in Pusan, Korea as well as numerous other international locations.

Betsy also teaches ongoing classes at her center, Circle Centre For Health Inc. Her success and worldwide reputation is due to her passion for compassion and her tenacity in helping others. Betsy’s unshakable faith and strength have inspired and transformed thousands of people’s lives.

Invite Betsy to inspire, motivate and educate your group through seminars about iridology in Toronto, wisdom development & nutrition.

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This letter is to let you know how much I have appreciated your time and talent; you have personally invested in me during my class sessions with you. Your God given ability in Iridology, Herbology and Cleansing and the standards you set are so advanced, that studying with you has inspired me to a new level.
Pat W.

I am so grateful that you allowed me to do my co-op with you. Thank you with all my heart for being so selfless and for providing me with the honour of observing and assisting you. I sincerely appreciate your generous heart. Please know, I often talk about how perfectly singular you are; one of a kind! You are the trifecta of excellence.
Julia R.

It is with great appreciation I write this to you. Your love is unconditional, your gratitude exceptional, your attitude contagious and inspiring. I loved taking your classes. You have been an amazing teacher and mentor; I’ve learned so much about Iridology, Herbs and Nutrition. You incorporated the physical, spiritual and emotional in your teachings and for that I thank you. Because of the incredible knowledge I gained during your classes; today with certainty, I feel I am a wonderful healer. Thank you.
Grace S.

After attending your classes at your office as well as the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, I walked away with so much knowledge. You equipped me with every tool to take care of my clients’ health issues. You’ve been given a gift to teach as well as inspire your students. God bless you, I’m forever grateful.
Mary X.

I would like to thank you for teaching such an inspirational and knowledgeable class on nutrition, healing, cleansing and Iridology. I find it rare to meet people with such strong faith in God like you. Your sincerity and outlook has touched me and helped me to strengthen my own faith. Thank you.
Ilan S.

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