Success Stories



I have been using Nature's Sunshine Products for 14 years, and it has helped me to keep in good health and high spirit.I was using NSP products first in my home country and was happy to get to know Betsy in Toronto, Canada. She is a very positive and inspiring personality, who really cares for every client and tries to find the best remedy for each individual case. More than giving a medicine, Betsy incorporates hope that we should never give up and belief that we are all loved by God and God has created a lot of natural remedies to maintain good health. People who lost hope and tried all doctors step into their cozy office and find comfort and hope and feel that they are really cared about. I even think sometimes, Betsy takes her client's concerns too close to her heart. I wish Betsy and her family good health and may God bless them richly with His grace and love for the wonderful work they are doing!

Olena F.


WOW! What a very special time! It was so good to see you again Betsy and share so many wonderful moments blessed by Almighty God. You have not only blessed me, but my whole family over the years. God has surely given you a very unique ministry, not only in health matters, but also in personal communication, encouragement and such attention to detail. I feel like a new man already, like being to a health, well being and spiritual SPA or something! Thank you so much. God has trusted you with enough of His love to cover the whole world. BE BLESSED! Love you dearly,

Harry S.

No More Headaches!

For 23 years I've suffered from severe migraine headaches. I've had to have morphine injections to alleviate the pain. In only 2 weeks of taking your herbs, Deep Tissue massage, Cupping and Reflexology, I'm free of headaches. Thank you Betsy for the freedom you gave me.

Eteri B. 


Continued Health

I first went to Betsy's office in 1992. Before our meeting I had a long history of fighting bi-weekly colds and receiving a load of antibiotic treatments that severely weakened my immune system, which in turn hindered my singing and musical career, not to mention the toll this on-going ailment and failed treatments had on my emotions and whole being. Within a month of my acceptance of Betsy's Iridology findings, nutritional and herbal remedies, topped with wisdom development sessions and body work, my health, emotions and whole being became in total balance and harmony. Till this day, I continue to enjoy the benefits of great health. I thank God for Betsy's Godliness, her selflessness and unstoppable efforts in helping people achieve a healthy and happy life.

Jimmi A Daoud 
Owner & CEO Rogers Music Centre



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