Online Iridology Consultations

We offer Iridology consultations via Skype, email or phone!

All we need is good quality photographs of each of your eyes.

Here's how it works, you must email us at least one good quality picture of each of your eyes.

Once we've received the pictures and determined that they are clear enough to do an examination, we will set up a time to discuss the results via Skype, email or phone.


The pictures must be of sufficient quality to properly conduct an analysis.

Some camera phones may be good enough or if you have a DSLR or point and shoot, follow the instructions below:

  • Set your camera to MACRO (this allows for very close pictures).
  • Zoom all the way out.
  • Turn flash on (try to have as much natural light as possible as well).
  • Take one picture of each eye separately.
  • Be sure the entire iris is visible in the picture.
  • You may need to hold your eye wide open using your fingers.
  • Position the camera close to the eye (depending on the camera, you may be as close as 2 inches).
  • Both the camera and your head must remain as still as possible. Use a tripod and timer if possible and rest your head on your hands. Or have someone take the picture for you.
When you are ready, email the pictures to  In your email, be sure to include your full name and your preferred method of consultation (Skype, email or phone).

Here are two examples of good quality eye pictures: